The organizers of the Memorial Day Pub Run strongly encourage all athletes to carpool, walk, cab, or bus to the event and severely discourage driving under the influence of alcohol. Seriously, if you can avoid driving do so. There are plenty of options to get to the Pub Run that don't involve you driving when you shouldn't.

Arriving By Bus:

You like busses you say!? Well you're in luck!

You could take the trusty 4.
Or add 2, and take the 6.
Like to ride prime numbers? Try the 17.
Like bigger prime buses? How about the 23?
Or if you think big numbered buses make the rockin' world go by, take the 114!

All of these buses will take you DIRECTLY to the Pub Run. Well, as long as your definition of DIRECTLY is within a few blocks. The final bit you'll have to walk to get there. Ugh. Stupid walking a few blocks. Who can even walk that far, anyway!? FML?

Arriving By Foot:

Walking can't be beat!! It's the best! Oh, and we may also have limited bike space for those who prefer two wheels. Please notify race officials if you plan to bring your bike (or bring a lock and lock it up outside)

Arriving By Cab:

Call a cab. Tell them to take you to 3334 Holmes. Pay the cabbie. Be sure to check your belongings before exiting the cab. The Memorial Day Pub Run assumes no responsibility for lost items while taking a cab to the race. Seriosuly, why do I need to tell you people things like this!?

Arriving By Uber:

We are pleased to announce we are for the first time ever allowing people to Uber to the Pub Run.

Arriving By Car:

Parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Plan extra time due to race-day congestion around the area. Arrive early to secure rock-star parking and not have to walk like a half block to the start like a chump. Ugh. I hate walking like half a block like a chump!