Packet Pickup and Expo

What is a race without an expo? Answer: hardly a race at all!

Since the Memorial Day Pub Run is a good race, we're holding an expo in conjunction with packet pickup on Friday May 24th from 4-6pm and Saturday, May 25th, from 2:30 to 4pm.

Use this time to get your number (duh), your singlet, and to bring over any (preferrably non-perishable) items you don't want to haul over before the big day. And to talk pub run strategy!

Packet pickup will also take place Sunday from 1pm until 15 minutes before the gun goes off at 2:15pm. (At that point we'll probably call the cops because The Memorial Day Pub Run bans guns and doesn't fire a gun to start the race. But after all that we'll proabbly start running when someone says 'go!')

Friday May 24 4-6pm Expo Schedule

4:00pm - Attempt to sell crap in the Pub Run HQ

4:30pm - Jackson talks race strategy

5:00pm - It's 5pm, time to starting our Pub Run training!

5:30pm - Might as well keep training ammiright!?

Saturday May 25 2:30-4pm Expo Schedule

2:30pm - Give away crap we couldn't sell in the Pub Run HQ

3:00pm - Pub Run tactics with Paul Donnelly

3:01pm - Pub Run story time with random people walking by on Holmes

4:00pm - Expo ends. Burn it all to the ground