2019 Results - CHIP time

Here they are, the chip-timed results! As always results are completely official except in the cases where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the the results committee

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Congratulatons to our Chip Timed champions, Kristen Keller and Ross Nelson!

NameTimeChip OffsetNotes
11Kristen Keller2:53:42
0:10Didn't want farewell pub run to end. SoCal Pub Run scene getting a champion
21Ross Nelson2:54:11
0:08Rare for a first time pub runner to win - took huge negative split to win
32Stephen Engel2:56:22
0:01Literally carried pub runners on his back. Strong rally late
42Sarah Gant2:59:21
0:12Stayed injury free during the pub run! Post pub run another story
53Klara Manning 3:01:52
0:11Involved on the wrong end of an epic comeback win in bags
74Christie Steffen3:03:49
0:12Lover of tots
85Sarah Metzger3:04:08
0:04Maintains record of 'most pub runs' with her 9th!
96Anne Stemper3:04:56
0:03Seven-time Pub Runner still wins award for arriving in style!
104Jeremy Kersten3:06:43
0:08Gave Jackson his required summer reading
117Jessie Benson3:08:43
0:01Came unaware she signed up to be VIP. Left requesting candlelit tent with wait staff next year.
125Ryan Daye3:09:05
0:06Forgot that you do not want to sink the 8-ball in the middle of a pool game
136David Meyer3:09:22
0:04Winner of the Kirby poop scavenger hunt
147Kevin Leiferman3:09:38
0:11Voted best facial features by Eric
158Sarah Anderson3:10:36
0:03Enjoyed bags as much as pub run!
168Dustin Benson3:10:46
0:02Benson Volvo Tours, Inc.
179Rachel Lande3:10:51
0:12Still confused about pictures of pitchers drinking pitchers
1810Anna Weigandt3:10:53
0:09Resorted to kicking rocks at other runners to gain an advantage
199Alex Waheed3:15:01
0:15Lived his best bro-life in his singlet
2010Chris Miller3:16:01
0:05Master grill master
2111Nick Gonzalez3:16:50
0:18Winner of longest distance traveled for Pub Run debut glory
2211Hannah Lipps3:17:43
0:06Successfully hid Nick's phone in obvious place
2312Brian Lashinski3:17:54
0:07Stella's biggest fan
2413Nick Roetker3:20:07
0:04One of several seen on a scooter. Going to have to check rule book
2514Nicholas Wimmer3:20:24
0:11Nearly DQ'd for illegal couch nap
2615Michael Kraemer3:21:41
0:14Best balls! (Sorry, we mean meatballs. Wait, that didn't clarify at all)
2716Derek Brandt3:22:57
0:14Received illegal outdoor bread assistance
2817Eric Stevenson3:27:57
0:14Wrasslin' never gets old!
2912Laura DonnellyDNF0:00DNF - some lame excuse about an infant
3018Paul DonnellyDQ0:00Took people off course for illegal support stop
3119Joel WegenerDNS0:00Conflicting Mill City event
3112Andrea HenningDNS0:00Saved her strength for the BBQ. And possibly her move.
3320Jackson DonnellyDQ0:00Caught illegally milk doping

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

These results were in no way randomly generated.
I swear.

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