2018 Results - GUN time

Here they are, the gun-timed results. The official results in determining Pub Run Champtions. As always results are completely official except in the cases where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the the results committee

Weather: Partly Cloudy, 95 stupid-hot degrees

Congratulatons to our Gun Timed champions, Sarah Metzger and Jeremy Kersten who both ran smart races in the heat. It was a more tactical year than most, but by the final couple bars you could tell their heat training and bar training really paid off!

NameTimeChip OffsetNotes
11Jeremy Kersten3:04:10
0:14Best jugs of any male champion ever! (Of Beer)
22Tim Sullivan3:06:10
0:04Literally ran into walls trying to win
33Scott Helgeson3:07:33
0:11Strong rookie debut
41Sarah Metzger3:08:41
0:07Has most pub run experience of anyone and used it to crush the field
54Derek Brandt3:11:34
0:05Strong debut, promises he'll break 3 next year.
62Lindsey Pierret3:16:01
0:05Best dressed for the occasion
75Mark Zimmer3:16:04
0:10Heroically saved us from having a sick dog on our hands
83Michaela Read3:16:22
0:01True embodiment of pub run eliteness
96Dave Meyer3:18:05
0:04Backstreet Boys lip sync champion
104Kristen Keller 3:19:50
0:04Boom cup master
117Ryan Gjoraas3:22:01
0:06Hot long run didn't seem to affect his pub run.
0:06Wanted sprinklers on the course
139Brian Lashinski3:25:51
0:04Most tan pub runner (self proclaimed)
145Julia Hotek3:25:54
0:08Loves the Minnesota Vikings
156Sarah Gant3:26:44
0:04Best dance moves
167Sarah Curry3:27:11
0:07Unclear if she runs marathons
178Lindsey Gjoraas3:27:25
0:05Going to throw in elevation training for next years pub run
189Sarah Anderson3:27:45
0:07Wore sweet shades, threw no shade
1910Mark Hesse3:28:45
0:05Sociable just like the cider he brought
2011Louis Prahl3:29:10
0:03Suggested changing area of research to drinking and or running
2110Klara Manning3:30:31
0:06Brought the most pitas to the yard
2212Derrin Pierret3:31:08
0:05Traveled to Minneapolis to take part in this famous pub run
2313Joel Wegener3:31:41
0:04Couldn't quite live up to his King Joel bib
2414Eric Weisenburger3:32:11
0:05Finally got brought out to meet all of the CBRC
2511Anne Stemper3:32:55
0:04Best vintage bike and all the hipster swagger to go with it
2615Kiefer Hotek3:34:08
0:04Couldn't take home the win in pool either
2716Ryan Daye3:34:17
0:04Brought a 4-legged party crasher
2812Nora McCall3:34:44
1:28Winner in the cutting-it-close-to-the-start division
2913Hannah Lipps3:35:01
0:06Didnít realize races could be this much fun
3014Mary Rutz3:36:52
0:06Came to MN to get away from the NC heat?
3117Nicholas Wimmer3:39:29
0:08Should start a downspout repair business
3215Amanda Hammond3:40:24
0:06Realized beer support stops is good for her race training
3318Chris Miller3:40:32
0:06Didn't expect running to be part of a pub run
3318Eric Stevenson3:40:32
0:03Didn't follow his own bib message. And wrassled
3516Andrea Henning3:40:33
0:07So much raw bean bag talent
3620Dustin Benson3:41:00
3721Paul Hammond3:44:44
0:05Tightening up in between bars hurt time
3822Kevin Leiferman3:45:55
0:04Best vest
3923Nick Roetker3:54:00
0:05Leaving pub run early hurt time. Winning pull tabs helped!
4017Laura Donnelly3:54:42
1:29Helping you relive the boy band era one playlist at a time
4124Paul Donnelly4:39:55
0:29Still can't figure out how to get faster

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

These results were in no way randomly generated.
I swear.

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