2018 Results - CHIP time

Here they are, the chip-timed results! As always results are completely official except in the cases where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the the results committee

Weather: Partly Cloudy, 95 hot degrees

Congratulatons to our Chip Timed champions, Jeremy Kersten and Sarah Metzger. Both are Pub Run veterans who ran like they had a chip on their shoulder. Which is of course the proper place to attach your chip in the Pub Run!

NameTimeChip OffsetNotes
11Jeremy Kersten3:03:56
0:14Best jugs of any male champion ever! (Of Beer)
22Tim Sullivan3:06:06
0:04Literally ran into walls trying to win
33Scott Helgeson3:07:22
0:11Strong rookie debut
41Sarah Metzger3:08:34
0:07Has most pub run experience of anyone and used it to crush the field
54Derek Brandt3:11:29
0:05Strong debut, promises he'll break 3 next year.
65Mark Zimmer3:15:54
0:10Heroically saved us from having a sick dog on our hands
72Lindsey Pierret3:15:56
0:05Best dressed for the occasion
83Michaela Read3:16:21
0:01True embodiment of pub run eliteness
96Dave Meyer3:18:01
0:04Backstreet Boys lip sync champion
104Kristen Keller 3:19:46
0:04Boom cup master
117Ryan Gjoraas3:21:55
0:06Hot long run didn't seem to affect his pub run.
0:06Wanted sprinklers on the course
135Julia Hotek3:25:46
0:08Loves the Minnesota Vikings
149Brian Lashinski3:25:47
0:04Most tan pub runner (self proclaimed)
156Sarah Gant3:26:40
0:04Best dance moves
167Sarah Curry3:27:04
0:07Unclear if she runs marathons
178Lindsey Gjoraas3:27:20
0:05Going to throw in elevation training for next years pub run
189Sarah Anderson3:27:38
0:07Wore sweet shades, threw no shade
1910Mark Hesse3:28:40
0:05Sociable just like the cider he brought
2011Louis Prahl3:29:07
0:03Suggested changing area of research to drinking and or running
2110Klara Manning3:30:25
0:06Brought the most pitas to the yard
2212Derrin Pierret3:31:03
0:05Traveled to Minneapolis to take part in this famous pub run
2313Joel Wegener3:31:37
0:04Couldn't quite live up to his King Joel bib
2414Eric Weisenburger3:32:06
0:05Finally got brought out to meet all of the CBRC
2511Anne Stemper3:32:51
0:04Best vintage bike and all the hipster swagger to go with it
2612Nora McCall3:33:16
1:28Winner in the cutting-it-close-to-the-start division
2715Kiefer Hotek3:34:04
0:04Couldn't take home the win in pool either
2816Ryan Daye3:34:13
0:04Brought a 4-legged party crasher
2913Hannah Lipps3:34:55
0:06Didnít realize races could be this much fun
3014Mary Rutz3:36:46
0:06Came to MN to get away from the NC heat?
3117Nicholas Wimmer3:39:21
0:08Should start a downspout repair business
3215Amanda Hammond3:40:18
0:06Realized beer support stops is good for her race training
3318Chris Miller3:40:26
0:06Didn't expect running to be part of a pub run
3416Andrea Henning3:40:26
0:07So much raw bean bag talent
3519Eric Stevenson3:40:29
0:03Didn't follow his own bib message. And wrassled
3620Dustin Benson3:40:56
3721Paul Hammond3:44:39
0:05Tightening up in between bars hurt time
3822Kevin Leiferman3:45:51
0:04Best vest
3917Laura Donnelly3:53:13
1:29Helping you relive the boy band era one playlist at a time
4023Nick Roetker3:53:55
0:05Leaving pub run early hurt time. Winning pull tabs helped!
4124Paul Donnelly4:39:26
0:29Still can't figure out how to get faster

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

These results were in no way randomly generated.
I swear.

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