2017 Results - GUN time

Here they are, the gun-timed results. The official results in determining Pub Run Champtions. As always results are completely official except in the cases where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the the results committee

Weather: Partly Cloudy, 70 degrees, breezy

Congratulatons to our Gun Timed champions, Michaela Read and Eric Stevenson who both ran tacital and smart races to take the Pub Run championship home. It was really anyone's race up until the last couple bars, but the training each of those two athletes put in secured them the win.

NameTimeChip OffsetNotes
11Eric Stevenson2:53:34
0:03With no hosting duties could focus on crushing the Pub Run.
22Mike Davin2:57:44
0:11Got special permission to Pub Run from family and made the most of it.
31Michaela Read3:02:21
0:10Pub Ran her heart out and came away with the victory. No regrets on missing group shot for shots
43Chris Schmidkamp3:02:44
0:02Elite grill master! Promises Schmidbrau next year in exchange for sponsorship
52Briana Fonda3:02:57
0:15A late addition to the field but almost came away with the win.
63Christie Steffen3:05:35
0:14Still wore out from the pub run victory last year but still had a strong showing.
74Dave Meyer3:08:45
0:15Strong Pub Run result predicts a strong race at Grandmas!
84Sarah Metzger3:09:11
0:087 time pub run vet wouldn't miss a Pub Run.
95Julia Quindlen3:11:45
0:10Was the catalyst for an odd front yard game.
106Lindsey Pierret3:13:35
0:04Did not get DQ'd this year, but did get yellow card for playing Connect 4 on serving station.
115Mark Zimmer3:14:09
0:08Hat wardrobe malfunctions hurt overall time.
126Nicholas Wimmer3:16:42
0:02Dominated the fence climbing division
137David Hong3:17:03
0:23Led Pub Run marketing division by yelling 'Pub Run' at all the bars
148Ryan Daye3:18:24
0:05Found car obstacles no challenge to a solid pub run time.
157Anne Stemper3:18:33
0:16Fearless fence and puppy protector
168Kristen Keller3:18:34
0:07Claims chip time was off, and claims to have outleaned rest of tight pack
168Mark Hesse3:18:34
0:06Ups his streak to 7 straight pub runs. Tied for lead. And tied with a lot of people!
178Andrea Henning3:18:34
0:11Part of Photo Phinish™ - But won on chip time
189Jess McKenna3:18:34
0:10Strong kick to finish neck and neck with others!
2010Dan Caron3:18:55
0:07Finally learned you can twist off the caps of bottled beer.
2111Klara Manning3:18:59
0:12Reminds Dan that Chip Time is where it's at!
2211Kiefer Hotek3:19:33
0:09Had a dominating billiards performance.
2312Russell Joseph3:19:50
0:04As official Pub Run Meterologist, did not give ample warning of impending storm!
2412Sarah Gant3:21:11
0:14Super excited to play slap cup for a 2nd straight year!
2513Kelsey Koeller3:22:49
0:04Needs some practice forming the Woo Crew pyramid.
2613Joel Wegener3:24:42
0:06self-rated a '10 Perfect'
2714Phalec Screwhut3:25:47
0:05Was very confused and was looking for a purita all evening. Tried to convince people his name was 'Alec'
2815John Phillips3:29:11
0:10Wonders what he got himself into.
2916Michael Mason3:30:11
0:01VIPs don't worry about their race time.
3014Laura Donnelly3:47:58
0:15Cutting the course to take care of puppies is noble, but ultimately hurts time.
3117Paul Donnelly4:04:55
0:05After taking a year off from Pub Running was just not in proper form to compete
3218Ryan GjoraasDNF0:00Had to catch a flight to Copenhagen
3214Lindsey ClarkDNF0:00Flights to Copenhagen might be awesome, but are they Pub Run Awesome?! (Probably)

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

These results were in no way randomly generated.
I swear.

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