2016 Results - GUN time

Here they are, the gun-timed results. As always results are completely official except in the cases where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the the results committee

Weather: Partly Cloudy, 80 degrees, gorgeous

Congratulatons to our Gun Timed champions, Chrisie Steffan and Nate Banet who turned in amazing Pub Run performances! Solid performances by all!

NameTimeChip OffsetNotes
11Christie Steffen2:58:21
0:10Came with intent to win...let nothing stand in her way!
22Laura Woodbeck2:58:25
0:04Represented well in her first pub run.
31Nate Banet2:59:39
0:21Another victory for this drinking race pro!
42Ryan Daye2:59:59
0:10Found out how uneven sidewalks can be!!!!
53Sarah Gant3:01:10
0:31Got some aggression out during slap cup.
64Lindsey Clark3:02:08
0:24Represented Wisconsin well in a strong prefermance.
73Joel Wegener3:02:57
0:07Almost took a beanbag to the head as he made his getaway.
85Kristen Keller3:03:05
0:13Dominating performance at Ms. Pacman!
94Michael Fanous3:05:01
0:14Only 7-time pub run vet!
106Madi Sundlof3:07:58
0:51Moved just in time for her first pub run.
117Jennifer Marlin3:08:50
0:14Happy she came to happy hour to hear of the best race in the world!
128Kelli Fox3:09:31
0:58Almost missed the starting line gun.
139Sarah Metzger3:10:09
0:10Another vet showing the rookies how fun this race can be!
145Mike Davin3:10:15
0:13Really glad he did this instead of Grandma's as a last hurrah.
1510Andrea Henning3:13:26
0:42The men's winner was at fault for her almost missing the start of the race.
166Mark Zimmer3:17:21
0:10Couldn't sum up enough "energy" for slap cup.
177Jeremy Kersten3:18:42
0:10Was on the lookout for temperature fluctuation at Stella's.
188Mark Hesse3:20:20
0:10A strong showing from a pub run vet!
1911Klara Manning3:22:15
0:12Very excited for first pub run.
209Dan Caron3:25:13
0:15Glad he knows a member of the best run club in Minneapolis!
2110Tim Sullivan3:26:14
0:10Taking a "nap" really hurts the pub run time.
2211Russell Joseph3:29:15
0:30Vows to be back next year.
2312Eric Stevenson3:31:45
0:05Vows next year to not have planning duties for a better showing!
2412Jessie Benson3:33:15
0:42Showing up mid race hurts time but outkicked Dustin in the end.
2513Dustin Benson3:33:16
0:103rd run of the day was definitely his favorite.
2613Hallie Richards3:35:17
0:05Really sad that there was no Sushi at post race event.
2714Kristen Mozeika3:37:11
0:10Was a good friend and went on the hunt for some Sushi.
2815Beth Anne Cooper3:38:10
0:20Not having ID really hurts pub run time.
2914Paul DonnellyDNS0:00Being in another state did not help
3016Lindsey PierretDQ0:10Didn't believe safety was a top ten priority regarding traffic lights.
3014Nicholas WimmerDQ0:10Really regretting following people that say "we can make it".

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I swear.

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