2015 Results - CHIP time

Here they are, the chip-timed results. I hear they are Doritos flavored this year! As always results are completely official except in the cases where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the the results committee

Weather: Partly Cloudy, 80 degrees, gorgeous

Congratulatons to our Chip Timed champions, Ramses Armendariz and Sarah Gant who held off a strong field in a very tatical Pub Run! Solid performances by all!

NameTimeChip OffsetNotes
11Ramses Armendariz2:55:10
0:04Showed everyone the definition of WOO!
22Ryan Gjoraas2:55:52
0:06No Franzia this year but represented P-Town well.
33Jeremy Kersten2:58:39
0:02Thought it might be a little cold in Stella's. 5 Time Pub Run Vet!
44Brian Lashinski3:03:22
0:12Super excited to beat Joel!
51Sarah Gant3:07:48
0:11Dominating performance! Made sure there were no Big Bucks along the course.
62Andrea Henning3:07:51
0:25Kept misplacing personal belongings all night long.
75Nate Banet3:07:56
0:12Legs still tired from Fargo Marathon BQ.
83Kelli Fox3:08:17
0:08Winner of most amount of Hard Cider drank during pub run divison!
94Lindsey Pierret3:09:29
0:16Winner of most pictures taken during Pub Run!
105Kristen Keller3:09:49
0:06Might have had something to do with Andrea's misplaced belongings.
116Sarah Metzger3:10:00
0:31Also 5 time pub run Vet!
126Russell Joseph3:11:11
0:03Running to pub run= very smart.
137Jess McKenna3:11:55
0:05Awesome calf socks!
147Michael Fanous3:13:49
0:12Insulting Pub Run Organizer does not bode well for time. Only 6 time Pub Run Vet!
158Lindsey Clark3:15:07
0:24Driving to first bar helped out due to the longer route.
168Nick Wimmer3:15:53
0:06Voted best host of Pub Run 2015!! Disappointed Root Beer Gu couldn't get him to run a little faster.
179Anne Stemper3:17:03
0:35Strong showing from pub run vet!
189Kiefer Hotek3:20:58
0:16Really hoping not to lose to Nick again when they face off at Grandma's.
189Julia Quindlen3:20:58
0:16Hoping the results of Grandma's is different and Kiefer has a better showing.
2011Michaela Read3:21:14
0:05Waiting to see what happens after the Grandma's Marathon showdown.
2110Carlos Ayala3:25:02
0:18Happy to be the fastest pub runner that has reached the fourth floor.
2212Carla Giuliani3:27:44
0:15Happy to have boot off of her foot!
2311Mark Hesse3:29:43
0:11Another 5 time pub run Vet!
2413Christie Steffen3:32:29
0:02Sore legs from long run makes for a long pub run.
2512Joel Wegener3:34:19
0:12Contemplating retirement after finishing behind Brian.
2613Jeffrey Hong3:35:32
0:09Glad he listened to brother's advice to try pub running.
2714Hallie Richards3:39:34
0:17Relieved that the running pace was not quicker.
2714Kristen Mozeika3:39:36
0:15Mark Zimmer will be sad to find out he missed out on meeting another Boilermaker.
2914Louis Prahl3:40:49
0:07Throws down puns with the best of them.
3015Eric Stevenson3:45:07
0:08Organizing pub run hurt time.
3116Alex LindemannDNS0:00Didn't realize there was testing for EPO.

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

These results were in no way randomly generated.
I swear.

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