2014 Results - Alphabetical

These results are by the book! Well, they are so long as that book is the dictionary. That's right, it's time for the alphabetical results. As always results are completely official except where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the results committee.

Weather: Party Cloudy, 80 degrees, gorgeous

Congrats to our alphabetical winners Carlos Ayala and Jessie Benson! Mark Zimmer, pick it up next year. This is two years in a row you lost the Alphabetical race. And Alex B, tough luck missing out on 1st in all result categories by 1 place. Better luck next year.

11Carlos Ayala3:30:58
Stopped to rescue 4 cats from trees along the way
22Alex B2:53:50
Yo-yo'd his way onto the podium
33Dustin Benson2:59:39
Last year's champion with a strong performance despite tough race schedule
41Jessie Benson3:14:55
Wasn't going to let a little Brian Kraft ruin a perfectly good Pub Run
54James Bohn3:32:01
Was seen without a smile on his face for a brief second
65Colin Carr3:27:47
Made it worth his 1400 mile trip
72Melissa Cedarholm3:24:51
Not even cabins and puppies can keep this girl from pub running
86Paul Donnelly4:13:17
Almost DQ'd for accidentally shooting someone in the face with the starting gun
93Jenna Duesterhoeft3:25:51
Used her expertise as a beer run tour guide to get us home safely
107Ben Englund3:32:54
Outkicked by Karin, but got her on chip time
114Julia Fanous3:18:30
Made Laura Oliver cry by smacking faderade out of her hands.
128Michael Fanous3:19:44
Break Dance champion. Sadly, did not inch worm
135Kelli Fox3:41:10
Already designing her custom shirt for next year
146Carla Giuliani3:18:09
Most dangerous runner - doesn't know what red lights mean
159Ryan Gjoraas3:32:59
Dominated the Franzia division
167Kara GoucherDNSToo scared to start
178Anna Guertin3:21:32
Strong Pub Run debut
189Andrea Henning3:40:41
Showed off her improved chugging skills since last year's Beer Mile
1910Mark Hesse3:17:40
Put his dock in up north (that's what she said?), then Pub Ran - a good weekend.
2010Whitney Heyvaert4:15:42
Showing up late doesn't help the time.
2111Jason Hibbard2:42:06
Course Record. Possibly Pub Run World Record.
2212David Hong3:19:49
Helping organize sadly slowed him down this year
2313Russell Joseph3:23:26
His prediction of good Pub Run weather proved true.
2414Chris Kardosh3:24:07
Winner of the "throw the bratwurst as far as possible" division
2511Kristen Keller3:09:10
Easily distracted by Fanous' cat shirt
2615Jeremy Kersten3:18:43
Sacrificed his Faderade stop to help feed the masses
2716Brian Lashinski3:02:45
May need to shotgun another beer to break this tie
2817Kevin Leiferman3:30:52
Was confused for Michael Jordan several times
2912Lisa McLay3:19:10
1st place in the "Pub Run is at my place" division
3018Aaron Medina3:30:56
Last minute addition to the Pub Run still performed well
3113Sarah Metzger3:38:27
Knows pub running isn't about place, it's about pace. And having fun!
3214Mark Noel3:28:55
YOLO'd his way to VFW
3315Laura Oliver3:23:30
WR for most faderade slapped out of her hands
3416Briana Peterson3:35:00
Came to throw down. And did.
3517Lindsey Pierret3:27:45
Time only slowed by stopping on the course to take so many pictures (thanks!)
3618Julia Quindlen3:00:35
New Course Record
3719Karin Rasmussen3:32:56
Claims gun time is the only time that matters
3820Gina RumoreDNSVows to be back next year
3919Andrew Samanta3:26:18
Started his Pub Run 2015 training 366 days in advance
4020Rob Schneider3:22:39
Pub Run veteran showed he can still throw down
4121Katie Schroeder3:21:17
Knew that Buffalo Chicken dip was the best way to bribe race director
4222Elizabeth Sellers3:28:09
Got a little "spilly" at Stella's
4321Brendan Sherman3:31:02
Put 4 cats into trees along the way
4423Anne Stemper3:25:58
Supervised the grill like a champ
4522Eric Stevenson3:02:45
Confident he will win the shotgun off to determine place
4624Liz Turner3:22:31
Kara Goucher reportedly ducked the Pub Run for fear of facing her
4723Joel Wegener3:24:23
Not bringing hot tub = missed opportunity to have 48 Pub Runners in hot tub
4824Junji Xing3:17:21
He prefers cider
4925Mark Zimmer3:07:44
Grill bringer - but NOT grill master

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