2012 Results - Alphabetical

Here they are! The official results of the 2012 Memorial Day Pub Run. As always, the results, while 100% official, might not be completely official. We had a small malfunction with the satellite scoring system due to severe weather. So yeah, if you think you did better it's likely you did. Let's go with that!

Weather: Sunny, 93 degrees, humid

Congrats to our alphabetical winners Steve Assie and Julia Curran! Brett Wickens, you have a long way to go if you want to be an alphabetical champ next year...

11Steven Assie3:38:58
Canadian champion?
22Alex B4:11:14
Lack of yoyos on the course hurt him. Seriously, click that link.
33Peter Black4:03:37
44James Bohn4:01:43
Army training doesn't quite prepare you for the rigors of pub running!
55Hal Brown3:39:30
61Julia Curran3:49:18
76Paul Donnelly4:14:00
Pub running must not be his strong suit...
82Jenna Duesterhoeft3:50:17
97Michael Fanous3:17:23
Classed it up with the tuxedo shirt
103Emily Fisher4:00:17
118Alexander Gloeckner3:51:23
Hulk-like t-shirt ripping strength not enough for victory
129Ben Greshwalk3:48:15
Finally got his "SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!" at the last bar - made the last segment tough
134Jenna Haack3:46:55
Strong sprint down Holmes helped time. Going off-course hurt.
145Carlie Hanson3:43:22
Strong sprint finish down the middle of Holmes Ave from 35th. Which is off-course, of course.
1510Ben Harvey3:40:40
Gave it his all - wound up passed out in neighbors yard.
1611Mark Hesse4:03:38
176Monica HoffmannDNSNot making it to the pub run sadly hurts the time. :(
1812David Hong3:12:24
Might not be the fastest winning time, but dominating performance on a TOUGH day. True champion.
1913Russell Joseph3:46:09
Claims to have been perfect weather for him. Unfortunately, we blame the weatherman for the storms!
2014Ian Kees3:16:28
Heroic app and pull tab purchase propelled him to strong finish
2115Jeremy Kersten4:05:19
Used this as training for his upcoming pub tri
2216Michael Kraemer3:45:38
Tried to "accidentally" leave a $10 bribe in the race director's front yard. Not enough!!
237Rachel Lande3:26:40
Managed the heat and drinks very well in break through pub run performance
2417Michael Mason4:21:23
Driving the course won't help time. But helping run the pub run makes you a CHAMPION!
2518Corey Maul3:31:32
268Sarah Metzger3:52:20
Weren't quite sure how to score number infinity...
2719Chris Miller3:51:18
Time slowed by all the photos he took. (But please keep taking photos!!)
289Julianna Miller4:25:18
Amazingly, her gun time matches the time (in the morning) she registered
2910Julie Mocadlo3:50:52
Claims to have let Mr. Running beat her on purpose
3011Laura Oliver3:38:40
Winner of the "Most improved ACL" division
3120Mike Pesonen4:31:23
Time ruined by not actually doing the pub run part. Still won the "torn hamstring" division.
3221Michael Peterka3:38:46
3312Daniel Peterson4:02:30
Looked suspiciously like an "Emily" and not a "Daniel" but the results don't lie
3422Andrew Pratt3:47:22
3523Jeffrey Running3:50:49
Nipped Julie to the line.
3624Chris Schmidkamp3:23:21
Best beer sponsor ever!
3725Rob Schneider3:34:49
3826Jared Smith4:11:40
On pace to win early, but finish time marred by going to airport and not finishing course!
3913Anne Stemper3:36:39
4027Paul Thompson3:40:31
4128Joseph Walton3:51:36
4229Brett Wickens3:31:00

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

These results were in no way randomly generated.
I swear.

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