2011 Results - Chip Timing

Official results in the most competitive pub run to date! These are 100% accurate so if you feel you were short changed by race officials...ummm...yeah, if you feel short changed you probably were (in other words, please don't read too much into these results, people! In fact, I'd suggest you don't read them at all!)

Weather: Overcast, 67 degrees, winds light and variable

11Chris Briggs2:57:48
Course record
22Jared Smith2:59:30
Ironman training fatigue probably cost him the win. The choices we make...
33Michael Kraemer3:03:10
Strong race, but stronger field this year
44Dustin Benson3:04:32
Another strong performance but not quite enough
55Andrew Bauer3:10:56
Spectating in 2010 prepared him for strong finish in 2011
66Brent Benusa3:23:02
Home court advantage
77Corey Maul3:23:19
Will hack this time anyway...
81Karlene Kurtz3:24:32
Not even traffic was going to deter her from the victory. Pressure is on in 2012
98Craig Zeise3:24:57
Really strong kick to just pass Fanous
109Michael Fanous3:24:59
Never count him out. Swears 2012 will be his year
112Jill Tatem3:26:37
Dark horse nearly stole the race. Gunning for 2012
123Jessie Benson3:31:00
Proved she both belongs with the elites and can color coordinate
1310Chuck O'Neil3:32:10
His hips don't lie
1411Chris Miller3:32:52
A pub run PR is always a good thing
154Rachel Lande3:33:46
Some say driving to the first bar is cheating...and it is. But we'll let it slide.
1612Rob Schneider3:34:56
175Julie Mocadlo3:38:00
Self-appointed "super-elite" runner should be happy in debut
1813Andrew Pratt3:39:35
196Emily Lewandowski3:39:58
Just hit the Boston Qualifier. Send it in!
2014James Garry3:42:47
Outkicked his wife - probably a bad idea...
217Amber Garry3:42:48
Claims she let him win...
2215Ben Harvey3:43:51
No Gatorade mishaps this year!
2316Zack Kartak3:46:33
248Laura Oliver3:50:53
First place in the coming off injury division!
259Corey McClay3:51:50
Good debut - look for big results in 2012
2610Sarah Metzger3:52:19
Not getting lost on course aided time!
2717Hal Brown3:52:49
2811Shelly Rezec3:55:43
2918Steve Jewell3:55:56
Winner of the '58 division!
3012Paulina Panich3:57:08
Mega elite status wasn't quite enough
3119Paul Thompson3:59:25
Just under 4! Possibly out until 4?
3213Liz Martinson4:00:03
Sadly missed 4 by just a little bit.
3314Julia Curran4:02:52
3415Emily Fisher4:02:58
Best post-race spectator crowd with Bailey the dog.
3516Lindsey Elstad4:07:00
3617Brenna Anderson4:09:48
Tutus just aren't as aero as you'd expect
3718Abby Dornbusch4:11:53
Her mom DOES in fact think she's cool
3820Pius Lossel4:12:49
Typos galore!
3921Joe Walton4:14:42
4019Kelly Thiesse4:15:17
4122Steve Kelley4:15:49
Time not indicative of pub run fitness - big PR coming soon!
4223Nate Kopp4:17:18
4320Leah Bower4:17:49
4421Caroline Landree4:20:32
For some reason missed the start mat which hurt her time. Also handed $5 bill by creepy guy which threw her off
4524Paul Donnelly4:20:39
Swears to put forth a better effort next year
4625Mat Johnston4:22:49
Lack of a 2nd 'T' in his name cost him dearly...
4726Jeremy Kersten4:24:44
Was never about time with him
4827Mark Hesse4:25:18
Had he only gone for one more beer...
4928Mike Levad4:48:23
Biking the course unfortunately does not help your time!
5029Michael Mason4:58:20
Strong start - faded late . But our "Lantern Rouge" wins a Boost (think FourLoko)
5130Alexander GloecknerDNSFlight delays do not help pub run times
5222Melissa MonsonDNSBoo for being stuck at work.

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

These results were in no way randomly generated.
I swear.

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