2010 Results

11Mike Kraemer3:02:04Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
22Dustin Benson3:02:05Outkicked!
33Tom Keller3:12:04 
41Laura Oliver3:14:32Laura wins = Paul not on couch
52Abby Dornbusch3:27:43 
65Mike Mason3:35:03Eye of tiger not enough
76Chris Miller3:35:18
87Bradley Epstein3:37:39 
93Jessie Benson3:40:49
108Russ Joseph3:41:16Had the home course advantage
114Rachel Lande3:47:16 
129Ben Harvey3:49:03Too much gatorade at stop
1310Jared Smith3:52:16 
1411Barry Schwartze3:58:16 
1512Mike Fanous4:00:27 
1613Mike Winner4:05:12Not the winner, winner...
1714Doug Schwerdt4:07:12
185Emily Fisher4:16:12
196Julia Curran4:24:42
2014Corey Maul4:27:36
217Elizabeth Abunaw4:29:21
228Theresa Anderson4:39:31
2315Mike CorialeDNS
2416Andrew BauerDNS
2517Paul DonnellyDQ'edHosted illegal support stop

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

I swear this is where you finished. I swear I didn't just make results up based on who I spotted first in pictures from last year's pub rub.
I swear.

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