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If we run out of singlets in your size, we'll give you a partial refund. How many Pub Run's do you know of that are that kind!?

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1 We will give you the option to change your bib message as the event gets closer. Feel free to save your good material for then!

2 A note regarding notes - Friends of CBRC runners should enter the name of the CBRC runner they know in the "Notes" field. So the race director knows you aren't a creepy stranger. Everyone else should put in the name of their favorite person named Jim. Feel free to be specific as to why your particular Jim is the best Jim.

By checking the box below I affirm that I am a member of the CBRC, was invited by someone in it, or am down with them. (I affirm that I am not some stranger who just happened to find this website.)
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In registering for the Pub Run I state that I fully understand and assume the risk and responsibility for participating on a course with vehicular traffic and that I'm 100% pumped to participate in this event. I hereby state that I am fit to drink. I also waive all claims for myself, and for anyone acting on my behalf, against any and all sponsors of the Pub Run for damages that might result from my drunken ass doing stupid sh*t. If I am injured, taken ill, or wind up passed out in a gutter, I hereby authorize event officials to transport me to a medical facility, to administer emergency medical treatment, to draw on me with sharpies and waive all claims for damages that might result from such transport, treatment, or grotesque imagery. I also assert Paul Donnelly's awesomeness with regards to all things he does.
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(Note: you do not need a PayPal account to register - simply click the "Don't have a PayPal Account" part of the payment website.)