2012 Results - CHIP time

Here they are! The official results of the 2012 Memorial Day Pub Run. As always, the results, while 100% official, might not be completely official. We had a small malfunction with the satellite scoring system due to severe weather. So yeah, if you think you did better it's likely you did. Let's go with that!

Weather: Sunny, 93 degrees, humid

Congratulatons to our champions, David Hong and Rachel Lande who taught us the TRUE meaning of the pub run. You two are an inspriation to all. Well, maybe some of us?

11David Hong3:12:24
Might not be the fastest winning time, but dominating performance on a TOUGH day. True champion.
22Ian Kees3:16:28
Heroic app and pull tab purchase propelled him to strong finish
33Michael Fanous3:17:23
Classed it up with the tuxedo shirt
44Chris Schmidkamp3:23:21
Best beer sponsor ever!
51Rachel Lande3:26:40
Managed the heat and drinks very well in break through pub run performance
65Brett Wickens3:31:00
76Corey Maul3:31:32
87Rob Schneider3:34:49
92Anne Stemper3:36:39
103Laura Oliver3:38:40
Winner of the "Most improved ACL" division
118Michael Peterka3:38:46
129Steven Assie3:38:58
Canadian champion?
1310Hal Brown3:39:30
1411Paul Thompson3:40:31
1512Ben Harvey3:40:40
Gave it his all - wound up passed out in neighbors yard.
164Carlie Hanson3:43:22
Strong sprint finish down the middle of Holmes Ave from 35th. Which is off-course, of course.
1713Michael Kraemer3:45:38
Tried to "accidentally" leave a $10 bribe in the race director's front yard. Not enough!!
1814Russell Joseph3:46:09
Claims to have been perfect weather for him. Unfortunately, we blame the weatherman for the storms!
195Jenna Haack3:46:55
Strong sprint down Holmes helped time. Going off-course hurt.
2015Andrew Pratt3:47:22
2116Ben Greshwalk3:48:15
Finally got his "SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!" at the last bar - made the last segment tough
226Julia Curran3:49:18
237Jenna Duesterhoeft3:50:17
2417Jeffrey Running3:50:49
Nipped Julie to the line.
258Julie Mocadlo3:50:52
Claims to have let Mr. Running beat her on purpose
2618Chris Miller3:51:18
Time slowed by all the photos he took. (But please keep taking photos!!)
2719Alexander Gloeckner3:51:23
Hulk-like t-shirt ripping strength not enough for victory
2820Joseph Walton3:51:36
299Sarah Metzger3:52:20
Weren't quite sure how to score number infinity...
3010Emily Fisher4:00:17
3121James Bohn4:01:43
Army training doesn't quite prepare you for the rigors of pub running!
3211Daniel Peterson4:02:30
Looked suspiciously like an "Emily" and not a "Daniel" but the results don't lie
3322Peter Black4:03:37
3423Mark Hesse4:03:38
3524Jeremy Kersten4:05:19
Used this as training for his upcoming pub tri
3625Jared Smith4:11:40
On pace to win early, but finish time marred by going to airport and not finishing course!
3726Alex B4:11:14
Lack of yoyos on the course hurt him. Seriously, click that link.
3827Paul Donnelly4:14:00
Pub running must not be his strong suit...
3928Michael Mason4:21:23
Driving the course won't help time. But helping run the pub run makes you a CHAMPION!
4012Julianna Miller4:25:18
Amazingly, her gun time matches the time (in the morning) she registered
4129Mike Pesonen4:31:23
Time ruined by not actually doing the pub run part. Still won the "torn hamstring" division.
4213Monica HoffmannDNSNot making it to the pub run sadly hurts the time. :(

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

These results were in no way randomly generated.
I swear.

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