2019 Results - GUN time

Here they are, the gun-timed results. The official results in determining Pub Run Champtions. As always results are completely official except in the cases where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the the results committee

Weather: Mostly Sunny, 75 beautiful degrees

Congratulatons to our Gun Timed champions, Kristen Keller and Ross Nelson.

NameTimeChip OffsetNotes
11Kristen Keller2:53:52
0:10Didn't want farewell pub run to end. SoCal Pub Run scene getting a champion
21Ross Nelson2:54:19
0:08Rare for a first time pub runner to win - took huge negative split to win
32Stephen Engel2:56:23
0:01Literally carried pub runners on his back. Strong rally late
42Sarah Gant2:59:33
0:12Stayed injury free during the pub run! Post pub run another story
53Klara Manning 3:02:03
0:11Involved on the wrong end of an epic comeback win in bags
74Christie Steffen3:04:01
0:12Lover of tots
85Sarah Metzger3:04:12
0:04Maintains record of 'most pub runs' with her 9th!
96Anne Stemper3:04:59
0:03Seven-time Pub Runner still wins award for arriving in style!
104Jeremy Kersten3:06:51
0:08Gave Jackson his required summer reading
117Jessie Benson3:08:44
0:01Came unaware she signed up to be VIP. Left requesting candlelit tent with wait staff next year.
125Ryan Daye3:09:11
0:06Forgot that you do not want to sink the 8-ball in the middle of a pool game
136David Meyer3:09:26
0:04Winner of the Kirby poop scavenger hunt
147Kevin Leiferman3:09:49
0:11Voted best facial features by Eric
158Sarah Anderson3:10:39
0:03Enjoyed bags as much as pub run!
168Dustin Benson3:10:48
0:02Benson Volvo Tours, Inc.
179Anna Weigandt3:11:02
0:09Resorted to kicking rocks at other runners to gain an advantage
1810Rachel Lande3:11:03
0:12Still confused about pictures of pitchers drinking pitchers
199Alex Waheed3:15:16
0:15Lived his best bro-life in his singlet
2010Chris Miller3:16:06
0:05Master grill master
2111Nick Gonzalez3:17:08
0:18Winner of longest distance traveled for Pub Run debut glory
2211Hannah Lipps3:17:49
0:06Successfully hid Nick's phone in obvious place
2312Brian Lashinski3:18:01
0:07Stella's biggest fan
2413Nick Roetker3:20:11
0:04One of several seen on a scooter. Going to have to check rule book
2514Nicholas Wimmer3:20:35
0:11Nearly DQ'd for illegal couch nap
2615Michael Kraemer3:21:55
0:14Best balls! (Sorry, we mean meatballs. Wait, that didn't clarify at all)
2716Derek Brandt3:23:11
0:14Received illegal outdoor bread assistance
2817Eric Stevenson3:28:11
0:14Wrasslin' never gets old!
2912Laura DonnellyDNF0:00DNF - some lame excuse about an infant
3018Joel WegenerDNS0:00Conflicting Mill City event
3012Andrea HenningDNS0:00Saved her strength for the BBQ. And possibly her move.
3219Paul DonnellyDQ0:00Took people off course for illegal support stop
3219Jackson DonnellyDQ0:00Caught illegally milk doping

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

These results were in no way randomly generated.
I swear.

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