2017 Results - CHIP time

Here they are, the chip-timed results! As always results are completely official except in the cases where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the the results committee

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Congratulatons to our Chip Timed champions, Eric Stevenson and Michaela Read won the chip-timed division despite never being seen eating chips!

NameTimeChip OffsetNotes
11Eric Stevenson2:53:31
0:03With no hosting duties could focus on crushing the Pub Run.
22Mike Davin2:57:33
0:11Got special permission to Pub Run from family and made the most of it.
31Michaela Read3:02:11
0:10Pub Ran her heart out and came away with the victory. No regrets on missing group shot for shots
43Chris Schmidkamp3:02:42
0:02Elite grill master! Promises Schmidbrau next year in exchange for sponsorship
52Briana Fonda3:02:42
0:15A late addition to the field but almost came away with the win.
63Christie Steffen3:05:21
0:14Still wore out from the pub run victory last year but still had a strong showing.
74Dave Meyer3:08:30
0:15Strong Pub Run result predicts a strong race at Grandmas!
84Sarah Metzger3:09:03
0:087 time pub run vet wouldn't miss a Pub Run.
95Julia Quindlen3:11:35
0:10Was the catalyst for an odd front yard game.
106Lindsey Pierret3:13:31
0:04Did not get DQ'd this year, but did get yellow card for playing Connect 4 on serving station.
115Mark Zimmer3:14:01
0:08Hat wardrobe malfunctions hurt overall time.
126David Hong3:16:40
0:23Led Pub Run marketing division by yelling 'Pub Run' at all the bars
137Nicholas Wimmer3:16:40
0:02Dominated the fence climbing division
147Anne Stemper3:18:17
0:16Fearless fence and puppy protector
158Ryan Daye3:18:19
0:05Found car obstacles no challenge to a solid pub run time.
168Andrea Henning3:18:23
0:11Part of Photo Phinish™ - But won on chip time
168Jess McKenna3:18:24
0:10Strong kick to finish neck and neck with others!
179Kristen Keller3:18:27
0:07Claims chip time was off, and claims to have outleaned rest of tight pack
188Mark Hesse3:18:28
0:06Ups his streak to 7 straight pub runs. Tied for lead. And tied with a lot of people!
2011Klara Manning3:18:47
0:12Reminds Dan that Chip Time is where it's at!
2110Dan Caron3:18:48
0:07Finally learned you can twist off the caps of bottled beer.
2211Kiefer Hotek3:19:24
0:09Had a dominating billiards performance.
2312Russell Joseph3:19:46
0:04As official Pub Run Meterologist, did not give ample warning of impending storm!
2412Sarah Gant3:20:57
0:14Super excited to play slap cup for a 2nd straight year!
2513Kelsey Koeller3:22:45
0:04Needs some practice forming the Woo Crew pyramid.
2613Joel Wegener3:24:36
0:06self-rated a '10 Perfect'
2714Phalec Screwhut3:25:42
0:05Was very confused and was looking for a purita all evening. Tried to convince people his name was 'Alec'
2815John Phillips3:29:01
0:10Wonders what he got himself into.
2916Michael Mason3:30:10
0:01VIPs don't worry about their race time.
3014Laura Donnelly3:47:43
0:15Cutting the course to take care of puppies is noble, but ultimately hurts time.
3117Paul Donnelly4:04:50
0:05After taking a year off from Pub Running was just not in proper form to compete
3218Ryan GjoraasDNF0:00Had to catch a flight to Copenhagen
3214Lindsey ClarkDNF0:00Flights to Copenhagen might be awesome, but are they Pub Run Awesome?! (Probably)

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

These results were in no way randomly generated.
I swear.

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