2015 Results - GUN time

Here they are, the gun-timed results. As always results are completely official except in the cases where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the the results committee

Weather: Partly Cloudy, 80 degrees, gorgeous

Congratulatons to our Gun Timed champions, Ramses Armendariz and Sarah Gant who held off a strong field in a very tatical Pub Run! Solid performances by all!

NameTimeChip OffsetNotes
11Ramses Armendariz2:55:14
0:04Showed everyone the definition of WOO!
22Ryan Gjoraas2:55:58
0:06No Franzia this year but represented P-Town well.
33Jeremy Kersten2:58:41
0:02Thought it might be a little cold in Stella's. 5 Time Pub Run Vet!
44Brian Lashinski3:03:34
0:12Super excited to beat Joel!
51Sarah Gant3:07:59
0:11Dominating performance! Made sure there were no Big Bucks along the course.
65Nate Banet3:08:08
0:12Legs still tired from Fargo Marathon BQ.
72Andrea Henning3:08:16
0:25Kept misplacing personal belongings all night long.
83Kelli Fox3:08:25
0:08Winner of most amount of Hard Cider drank during pub run divison!
94Lindsey Pierret3:09:45
0:16Winner of most pictures taken during Pub Run!
105Kristen Keller3:09:55
0:06Might have had something to do with Andrea's misplaced belongings.
116Sarah Metzger3:10:31
0:31Also 5 time pub run Vet!
126Russell Joseph3:11:14
0:03Running to pub run= very smart.
137Jess McKenna3:12:00
0:05Awesome calf socks!
147Michael Fanous3:14:01
0:12Insulting Pub Run Organizer does not bode well for time. Only 6 time Pub Run Vet!
158Lindsey Clark3:15:31
0:24Driving to first bar helped out due to the longer route.
168Nick Wimmer3:15:59
0:06Voted best host of Pub Run 2015!! Disappointed Root Beer Gu couldn't get him to run a little faster.
179Anne Stemper3:17:38
0:35Strong showing from pub run vet!
189Kiefer Hotek3:21:14
0:16Really hoping not to lose to Nick again when they face off at Grandma's.
189Julia Quindlen3:21:14
0:16Hoping the results of Grandma's is different and Kiefer has a better showing.
2011Michaela Read3:21:19
0:05Waiting to see what happens after the Grandma's Marathon showdown.
2110Carlos Ayala3:25:20
0:18Happy to be the fastest pub runner that has reached the fourth floor.
2212Carla Giuliani3:27:59
0:15Happy to have boot off of her foot!
2311Mark Hesse3:29:54
0:11Another 5 time pub run Vet!
2413Christie Steffen3:32:31
0:02Sore legs from long run makes for a long pub run.
2512Joel Wegener3:34:31
0:12Contemplating retirement after finishing behind Brian.
2613Jeffrey Hong3:35:41
0:09Glad he listened to brother's advice to try pub running.
2714Hallie Richards3:39:51
0:17Relieved that the running pace was not quicker.
2714Kristen Mozeika3:39:51
0:15Mark Zimmer will be sad to find out he missed out on meeting another Boilermaker.
2914Louis Prahl3:40:56
0:07Throws down puns with the best of them.
3015Eric Stevenson3:45:15
0:08Organizing pub run hurt time.
3116Alex LindemannDNS0:00Didn't realize there was testing for EPO.

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

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I swear.

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