2014 Results - GUN time

Results! Get yer results here! Who wants some results!?

Here they are, the gun-timed results. As always results are completely official except in the cases where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the the results committee

Weather: Partly Cloudy, 80 degrees, gorgeous

Congratulatons to our champions, Jason Hibbard and Julia Quindlin who used the good weather to smash course records and set a new standard of pub running. Congrats to all though as this was one of our fastest years to date! Solid performances by all!

NameTimeChip OffsetNotes
11Jason Hibbard2:42:29
0:23Course Record. Possibly Pub Run World Record.
22Alex B2:53:55
0:05Yo-yo'd his way onto the podium
33Dustin Benson2:59:41
0:02Last year's champion with a strong performance despite tough race schedule
41Julia Quindlen3:00:51
0:16New Course Record
54Eric Stevenson3:02:51
0:06Confident he will win the shotgun off to determine place
54Brian Lashinski3:02:51
0:06May need to shotgun another beer to break this tie
76Mark Zimmer3:08:09
0:25Grill bringer - but NOT grill master
82Kristen Keller3:09:21
0:11Easily distracted by Fanous' cat shirt
93Jessie Benson3:14:56
0:01Wasn't going to let a little Brian Kraft ruin a perfectly good Pub Run
107Junji Xing3:17:32
0:11He prefers cider
118Mark Hesse3:18:05
0:25Put his dock in up north (that's what she said?), then Pub Ran - a good weekend.
124Carla Giuliani3:18:21
0:12Most dangerous runner - doesn't know what red lights mean
135Julia Fanous3:18:42
0:12Made Laura Oliver cry by smacking faderade out of her hands.
149Jeremy Kersten3:19:17
0:34Sacrificed his Faderade stop to help feed the masses
156Lisa McLay3:19:33
0:231st place in the "Pub Run is at my place" division
1610Michael Fanous3:19:44
0:00Break Dance champion. Sadly, did not inch worm
1711David Hong3:19:49
0:00Helping organize sadly slowed him down this year
187Katie Schroeder3:21:40
0:23Knew that Buffalo Chicken dip was the best way to bribe race director
198Anna Guertin3:21:43
0:11Strong Pub Run debut
209Liz Turner3:22:36
0:05Kara Goucher reportedly ducked the Pub Run for fear of facing her
2112Rob Schneider3:22:51
0:12Pub Run veteran showed he can still throw down
2210Laura Oliver3:23:41
0:11WR for most faderade slapped out of her hands
2313Russell Joseph3:23:42
0:16His prediction of good Pub Run weather proved true.
2414Chris Kardosh3:24:41
0:34Winner of the "throw the bratwurst as far as possible" division
2515Joel Wegener3:24:46
0:23Not bringing hot tub = missed opportunity to have 48 Pub Runners in hot tub
2611Melissa Cedarholm3:24:55
0:04Not even cabins and puppies can keep this girl from pub running
2712Jenna Duesterhoeft3:25:58
0:07Used her expertise as a beer run tour guide to get us home safely
2813Anne Stemper3:26:26
0:28Supervised the grill like a champ
2916Andrew Samanta3:26:44
0:26Started his Pub Run 2015 training 366 days in advance
3017Colin Carr3:27:53
0:06Made it worth his 1400 mile trip
3114Lindsey Pierret3:27:54
0:09Time only slowed by stopping on the course to take so many pictures (thanks!)
3215Elizabeth Sellers3:28:30
0:21Got a little "spilly" at Stella's
3316Mark Noel3:29:10
0:15YOLO'd his way to VFW
3418Kevin Leiferman3:31:16
0:24Was confused for Michael Jordan several times
3519Aaron Medina3:31:19
0:23Last minute addition to the Pub Run still performed well
3620Carlos Ayala3:31:32
0:34Stopped to rescue 4 cats from trees along the way
3721Brendan Sherman3:31:33
0:31Put 4 cats into trees along the way
3822James Bohn3:32:12
0:11Was seen without a smile on his face for a brief second
3917Karin Rasmussen3:33:00
0:04Claims gun time is the only time that matters
4023Ben Englund3:33:05
0:11Outkicked by Karin, but got her on chip time
4124Ryan Gjoraas3:33:31
0:32Dominated the Franzia division
4218Briana Peterson3:35:32
0:32Came to throw down. And did.
4319Sarah Metzger3:38:42
0:15Knows pub running isn't about place, it's about pace. And having fun!
4420Andrea Henning3:41:04
0:23Showed off her improved chugging skills since last year's Beer Mile
4521Kelli Fox3:41:31
0:21Already designing her custom shirt for next year
4625Paul Donnelly4:13:52
0:35Almost DQ'd for accidentally shooting someone in the face with the starting gun
4722Whitney Heyvaert4:15:42
0:00Showing up late doesn't help the time.
4823Gina RumoreDNS0:00Vows to be back next year
4823Kara GoucherDNS0:00Too scared to start

Results are official and COMPLETELY represent what happened out there. Even if you find a mistake in the results the mistake is supposed to be there.

These results were in no way randomly generated.
I swear.

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