2013 Results - CHIP time

Everyone likes results. Especially when they are ordered by chip time! As always results are completely official except where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the the results committee

Weather: Cloudy, 60 degrees, windy

Congratulatons to our champions, Dustin Benson and Theresa McDonald who were willing to claw their way over their competitors to victory. Which is what the Pub Run is really all about. What you thought this was a noble undertaking!?

11Dustin Benson2:45:56
New course record
22Michael Fanous2:52:29
Was definitely 2 Legit 2 Quit
33Wade Clarke2:55:12
VIP showing folks how it's done
44Michael Kraemer2:56:40
Past champ showed he still has it
55David Hong2:59:51
Past champ snuck in under 3
61Theresa McDonald3:02:57
New course record and Minnesota State Pub Run record
76Chris Briggs3:04:27
Past champ ran strong in return to Pub Running.
87Chris Miller3:05:17
Solid PR despite cross country travel adventure
98Mark Hesse3:05:58
Wishes this was the Green Bay weather! Big PR
102Rachel Lande3:09:32
119Mark Zimmer3:10:57
Brought it for Pub Run and Bags competition
1210Will Cumming3:12:21
Time is irrelvant. As a VIP he is entitled to whatever time he wants...
133Gina Rumore3:12:54
Strong in debut
1411Ramses Armendariz3:14:28
Brought the Wooo
154Emily Fisher3:16:32
Solid race after traveling across country
1612Jeremy Kersten3:17:28
Never did find out why he brings tape to his races
1713Benjamin Greshwalk3:17:31
Early start on running legs tired legs out
185Laura Oliver3:17:42
Winston's best friend
196Sarah Metzger3:18:40
VIPs can choose their own time later
207Melissa Cedarholm3:19:28
Timing system seemed confusing at first. Made sense by end?
2114Andy Giefer3:21:02
2215Hal Brown3:21:37
Made up serious ground in downhill section post VFW
2316Eric Stevenson3:21:57
Best pint glass distributor ever!
2417Brian Lashinski 3:22:04
Pub run was everything he was promised
2518Carlos Ayala3:22:13
Didn't think the cheapest VFW Tequila was very good.
268Jenna Duesterhoeft3:22:15
279Kelly Thiesse3:22:19
2810Jessie Benson3:23:15
Giving the Pub Run a 10/10 on your blog give you 10 minutes off!
2911Lindsey Clark3:24:19
Showed true WI determination out there
3019Rob Schneider3:25:12
3112Beka Vite3:25:30
3213Meggan Ellingboe3:27:43
3320Andy Pratt3:28:06
3414Cindi Rose3:28:13
3515Anne Stemper3:29:28
Loved the cheapest VFW tequila
3621Craig Zeise3:30:47
Might not have properly tapered for event.
3716Alysa Granata3:30:51
3822Corey Maul3:30:57
Helping pub run = awesome! Not doing final leg to help doesn't help time...
3917Julia Quindlen3:30:58
4018Amanda Nipper3:31:42
4119Kristen Keller3:32:34
4220Stacy Sanders3:35:00
4323Andrew Samanta3:36:22
4424Joe Walton3:37:22
4521Monica Hoffmann3:38:13
4622Amy Harding3:39:45
Only VIPs are allowed to flip off the camerman at the end!
4725Tom McDonald3:40:58
His motivation helped his wife win.
4826Mike Mason3:41:01
4927Paul Donnelly3:46:55
Despite hosting, can't seem to figure out how to race properly
5028Andrew Bauer3:48:37
Winner of the "my ankle is back" division
5123Abby Bauer3:48:41
Officiating great! But biking does hurt pub time!
5224Julia Curran3:50:44
Bachelorette parties the night before make for tough pub runs
5329Arthur B. Creepy4:04:44
Late addition dominated the weird couch staring contest
5425Leah BowerDNSNot making it to pub run doesn't bode well for time
5530Joel WegenerDNSBeing sick = bad for pub run time :(
5631Alex BDNSToo much yo-yoing the night before
5726Briana PetersonDNS

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