2013 Results - Alphabetical

Everyone likes results. Especially when they are alphabetical! As always results are completely official except where they aren't. Any scoring disputes should be sent to the results committee.

Weather: Cloudy, 60 degrees, windy

Congrats to our alphabetical winners Ramses Armendariz and Abby Bauer! Mark Zimmer, better luck next year.

11Ramses Armendariz3:14:28
Brought the Wooo
22Carlos Ayala3:22:13
Didn't think the cheapest VFW Tequila was very good.
33Alex BDNSToo much yo-yoing the night before
41Abby Bauer3:48:41
Officiating great! But biking does hurt pub time!
54Andrew Bauer3:48:37
Winner of the "my ankle is back" division
65Dustin Benson2:45:56
New course record
72Jessie Benson3:23:15
Giving the Pub Run a 10/10 on your blog give you 10 minutes off!
83Leah BowerDNSNot making it to pub run doesn't bode well for time
96Chris Briggs3:04:27
Past champ ran strong in return to Pub Running.
107Hal Brown3:21:37
Made up serious ground in downhill section post VFW
114Melissa Cedarholm3:19:28
Timing system seemed confusing at first. Made sense by end?
125Lindsey Clark3:24:19
Showed true WI determination out there
138Wade Clarke2:55:12
VIP showing folks how it's done
149Arthur B. Creepy4:04:44
Late addition dominated the weird couch staring contest
1510Will Cumming3:12:21
Time is irrelvant. As a VIP he is entitled to whatever time he wants...
166Julia Curran3:50:44
Bachelorette parties the night before make for tough pub runs
1711Paul Donnelly3:46:55
Despite hosting, can't seem to figure out how to race properly
187Jenna Duesterhoeft3:22:15
198Meggan Ellingboe3:27:43
2012Michael Fanous2:52:29
Was definitely 2 Legit 2 Quit
219Emily Fisher3:16:32
Solid race after traveling across country
2213Andy Giefer3:21:02
2310Alysa Granata3:30:51
2414Benjamin Greshwalk3:17:31
Early start on running legs tired legs out
2511Amy Harding3:39:45
Only VIPs are allowed to flip off the camerman at the end!
2615Mark Hesse3:05:58
Wishes this was the Green Bay weather! Big PR
2712Monica Hoffmann3:38:13
2816David Hong2:59:51
Past champ snuck in under 3
2913Kristen Keller3:32:34
3017Jeremy Kersten3:17:28
Never did find out why he brings tape to his races
3118Michael Kraemer2:56:40
Past champ showed he still has it
3214Rachel Lande3:09:32
3319Brian Lashinski 3:22:04
Pub run was everything he was promised
3420Mike Mason3:41:01
3521Corey Maul3:30:57
Helping pub run = awesome! Not doing final leg to help doesn't help time...
3615Theresa McDonald3:02:57
New course record and Minnesota State Pub Run record
3722Tom McDonald3:40:58
His motivation helped his wife win.
3816Sarah Metzger3:18:40
VIPs can choose their own time later
3923Chris Miller3:05:17
Solid PR despite cross country travel adventure
4017Amanda Nipper3:31:42
4118Laura Oliver3:17:42
Winston's best friend
4219Briana PetersonDNS
4324Andy Pratt3:28:06
4420Julia Quindlen3:30:58
4521Cindi Rose3:28:13
4622Gina Rumore3:12:54
Strong in debut
4725Andrew Samanta3:36:22
4823Stacy Sanders3:35:00
4926Rob Schneider3:25:12
5024Anne Stemper3:29:28
Loved the cheapest VFW tequila
5127Eric Stevenson3:21:57
Best pint glass distributor ever!
5225Kelly Thiesse3:22:19
5326Beka Vite3:25:30
5428Joe Walton3:37:22
5529Joel WegenerDNSBeing sick = bad for pub run time :(
5630Craig Zeise3:30:47
Might not have properly tapered for event.
5731Mark Zimmer3:10:57
Brought it for Pub Run and Bags competition

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